Rural Civic Addressing Information



What it’s for:

These numbers are the Civic Addressing System being established in the Province of Manitoba. Multiple organizations will use the Civic Numbers as an indicator of property location, including Manitoba Hydro, MTS, the Municipal Office and most importantly 911 responders.


How it works:

Only properties with a permanent dwelling unit on them are assigned Civic Numbers. Numbers are posted at the end of driveways leading to dwelling units, as they are significant access to structures where persons may be found.


Civic Number 108084 Road 114W will be used in this explanation to illustrate how the system works.  The system is based on measurement, and because of this your Civic Number is not of use unless you also know what road the driveway is off of.  For instance, there is the potential that multiple driveways could be assigned Civic Number 108084. But when you know that Civic Number 108084 is on Road 114W, there is only one possible location. If this is confusing come back to it once you understand how numbers are assigned.


What does my number mean?

Every Civic Number contains two parts; part one designates a road, and part two designates a distance.


The Road (108)

The designated road is whatever digits are in front of the last three digits of the Civic Number.  This could be one, two or three digits.  The road number is the intersection that is to the East of the driveway if it is off of an East-West running road, or to the South of the driveway if it is off of a North-South running road.  Using our Civic Number of 108084 on Road 114W, we can tell that the distance in part two will measure South to the intersection of 108N and 114W.  It is also a rule that when you take the civic number as a whole, the odd numbers are on the East and North sides of roads, while even numbers are on the West and South sides of roads.


The Distance (084)

The distance is always the last three digits in the Civic Number.  It is determined using frontage interval, which is a measurement of intervals between the beginning of a road and the structures along it.  An interval is always 10 meters in the Municipality of Harrison Park.  Using our example of 084, we take the last three digits of the civic number (084) and multiply it by the interval (10 meters).   So 084 x 10 = 840 meters from the intersection of the road determined in part one.


Additional Example:

Civic Number 109025 on Road 115W.  This driveway is on the East side of Road 115W, 025 x 10 = 250 meters North of the intersection with Road 109.